Joanna Beckley Goodman, Subjugated Heart. Acrylic on Canvas, 12 x 9 inches. 2019

Artist Statement

Art making is an opportunity to become intimate with the ideas and thoughts that, when viewed collectively, create the illusion of a self. Art making allows an opportunity to challenge the idea of a self and explore the possibility of many selves.

I use the mediums of paint, ink, and writing to explore the boundaries between the visible and invisible world. I am influenced by the Surrealists, especially Yves Tanguy and Max Ernst as well as the Spiritualist’s painters Hilma af klint and Georgina Houghton.

My art making process is intuitive. It is about the space between the everyday world of conscious living and the unseen world of the psyche and unconscious forces in our social environments.

When working with the materials I enter an in-between or liminal space. It is in this space which feels safe and where I can channel feelings and reactions into the forms and colors emerging in front of me. Ultimately, this process comes to a natural end and a new phase begins. In this space my mind creates narratives in the paint forms. Images of creatures and landscapes seem to arise as I project forms onto the painted surface. Sometimes, it seems as if my projected creatures are symbolic guides calling the viewer to join a journey into their own imagination.